Lexmark P/N 08A0476
Standard Yield Prebate Print Cartridge for E320 and E322

Lexmark E320 and E322 printers share common customer-replaceable supplies to protect your investment. The supplies are designed for easy installation and reliable performance. The single-element, front-load design makes the cartridge a snap to use. Lexmark E320/E322 print cartridges are uniquely designed for E320 and E322 printers; they are not compatible with other Lexmark printers. Likewise, print cartridges intended for use with printers other than the Lexmark E320 or E322 cannot be used.

To take advantage of the Prebate program, you simply agree to use each cartridge one time and, when it's empty, return it only to Lexmark or your participating dealer. So why the special deal? It's just one more way we help you cut printing costs. By the way, if for any reason you prefer not to take advantage of Prebate, you can buy regular E320/E322 cartridges at regular prices without these terms.

Prebate is sold at a special price with the understanding that you return your empty cartridge only to Lexmark.

Yield: 3,000 pages @ approximately 5% coverage.