CyberDrive Model CW058D 32X CD-R/RW Drive

The CW058D is an internal type, 5.25-inch, half-height CD-RW drive with an IDE/ATAPI interface, featuring read speeds up to 48x, write speeds up to 32x and re-write speeds up to 12x. The drive utilizes a High Precise Sledge Control (HPSC) type traverse mechanism to improve access time to 100 ms while reducing acoustic seek noise.

ExacLink buffer under-run protection is employed to allow trouble free creation of CD audio and other disc types under the most difficult conditions. The ExacLink feature allows high speed, high quality writing of discs on the first try, regardless of the computer performance and drive buffer size. Buffer under-runs are no longer a problem with ExacLink since the drive automatically responds to the condition and continues writing as soon as more data is available without causing a buffer under-run error. Learn more about ExacLink.

Key Features

Compatible with MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows NT/2000, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Linux, OS/2 Warp

Enhanced IDE (E-IDE) / ATAPI interface

Supports Disc At Once (DAO), Track At Once (TAO) and Session At Once (SAO) recording

Fully supports both variable and fixed packet reading and writing (CD-UDF compatible)

Supported disk formats: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM / XA, mixed mode, Video-CD, Photo CD, Enhanced CD, CD Plus, CD-G, CD-Text

48x maximum read speed

4x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 20x, 24x, 28x and 32x write speed for CD-R and 4x,8x, 12x for CD-RW disc

High speed (4x) audio play (buffered to normal audio)

Maximum 40x audio extraction

Average access time is around 100 ms (typical)

Supports PIO mode 4 and UDMA mode 2

2 MB internal cache buffer

Built-in headphone jack and CD-Audio volume control

Back panel analog line-out and digital-out

Supports both horizontal and vertical mounting

Flash memory (firmware upgrade possibility)

Can be used as a boot device

ExacLink technology to avoid Buffer Under Run error



CW058D CD-RW Drive

Read Speed

48x for closed sessions.
16x for open sessions.
Maximum 40x for audio extraction

Write Speed

4x, 8x,12x, 16x (CLV) and 20x, 24x, 28x, 32x (ZCLV) for CD-R media.
4x, 8x and 12x CLV for CD-RW media

Access Time

100 ms typical for random access, 100 ms typical for 1/3 stroke access

Buffer Memory

2 MB

Error Rate

10 -9 soft read error, 10 -12 hard read error

Audio Interface

2 Channels (stereo)
Sampling frequency 44.1 KHz
Analog audio line out: Output 0.7 Vrms typical
Frequency response 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz (+0.5 dB, -3.0 dB)
Signal to noise ratio > 65 dB (f = 1 KHz)
Distortion < 0.1% (LPF 20 KHz, f = 1 KHz)
Channel Separation > 65 dB (LPF 20 KHz, f = 1 KHz)
Headphone output: Output 0.7 Vrms typical
Digital audio out: Format EBU (conforms to IEC-958 EIAJ CP-1201)
Output 4.0 Vp-p


> 100,000 POH (25% duty, seek and read)

Front Panel

EJECT button, Emergency eject pin hole, green LED, Headphone jack, Volume control knob

Rear Panel

Power connector (+5V & +12V, 4P), IDE interface connector (40P), Device configuration jumper (Master, Slave, CSEL), Analog audio line out (4P), Digital audio out (2P)


Supports both horizontal and vertical tray loading

Power Supply

DC +5V ?5%, DC +12V ?10%

Error Rate

10 -9 soft read error, 10 -12 hard read error


148.5 x 42.5 x 206.5 mm(WHD) with bezel


1025 g


User Manual
CD-Audio Cable
(1) CD-R Disk
(1) CD-RW Disk
Nero 5.5 Burning Software
(4) Mounting Screws